sendspace API (1.2)

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Developer Guide

The sendspace Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to embed sendspace services in your applications, programs, or scripts, regardless of platform and programming language.
All communication with the sendspace API (1.2) assumes a UTF-8 encoding.

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Method: auth.createToken


Obtains a new and random token per session. Required for login.

Name Mandatory Description
api_key Yes Received from sendspace
api_version Yes Api revision number, e.g. 1.2
app_version No Application specific, formatting / style is up to you
response_format No Value must be: XML

A token to be used with the auth.login method


<result method="auth.createToken" status="ok">
Usage Example
Possible Errors
Code Name Description
5 API_ERROR_BAD_API_VERSION Unknown or unsupported API version
25 API_ERROR_OUTDATED_VERSION The application version you are using is too old. Please upgrade it.