sendspace API (1.2)

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Developer Guide

The sendspace Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to embed sendspace services in your applications, programs, or scripts, regardless of platform and programming language.
All communication with the sendspace API (1.2) assumes a UTF-8 encoding.

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Method: folders.sendMail


Sends the folder link (URL) to the recipient(s), by email.

Name Mandatory Description
session_key Yes Received from auth.login
folder_id Yes folder_id or list of folders' id's (a1a1a1,s2s2s2,d3d3d3)
emails Yes List of emails to send
message No Additional message to send the recipients

ID of the folder if operation was successful


<!-- successful response -->             
<result method="folders.sendMail" status="ok">
<!-- failed response -->
<result method="folders.sendmail" status="fail">
        <error code="24" text="Email(s) are invalid"/>
Usage Example
Possible Errors
Code Name Description
6 API_ERROR_SESSION_BAD Session expired or not found
10 API_ERROR_FOLDER_NOT_FOUND Folder not found
24 API_ERROR_INVALID_EMAIL Email(s) are invalid