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SendSpace - Product Designer

SendSpace provides cloud-based file storage and sharing to over 10MM users each month.

We are looking for a product designer: a visual and interactive designer who is comfortable taking concepts from pencil and paper, through wireframes, to a prototype and a high-fidelity visual design.

This role will begin as a part-time, contract position, with the expectation of turning into full-time within several months.

About Us

We are a global (all remote) team of highly experienced engineers, devops, product managers and businesspeople with a long history on the internet. We hire the best people and stay out of their way. We work collaboratively but keep ceremony to an absolute minimum.

Our culture is centered around delivering simple, fast solutions to everyday problems. Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder to determine what needs to be done, do it, and monitor the results.


  • Participate in product design and discussions that take concepts through to production
  • Work directly with our web, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android engineers to deliver wireframes, mockups and assets
  • Develop interactions that work across media: web, mobile and email
  • Partner with engineers, executives and other designers to oversee that the user experience is simple, straightforward, and elegant
  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of our design and development process

Skills & Requirements

We expect to see:

  • The ability to get things done and juggle multiple projects while managing timelines and expectations
  • A good sense of what's important, giving you the ability to prioritize design work based on user need, business need, and engineering constraints
  • A strong portfolio of excellent visual, interaction, or graphic design work
  • Radical transparency: uploading daily work-in-progress to a public server so that the team can stay up to date on your progress without hounding you
  • Excellent taste and a strong foundation in visual design principles (typography, layout, color, etc.)
  • The ability to use and re-use common design patterns to quickly implement attractive, intuitive designs
  • Excellent communication skills; the ability to clearly articulate your design decisions to different people with different communication styles
  • Working knowledge of Adobe CS

We'd like to see:

  • 2+ years of design experience
  • Familiarity with the technical challenges of iOS, Android, and responsive web design
  • HTML/JS/CSS experience
  • Familiarity with LeanUX, noPSD and Continuous Design

It would help if you had:

  • Experience building click-through prototypes, preferably in Axure

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We appreciate your feedback. We will reply, if needed, as soon as possible.