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We want to answer your questions regarding sendspace as soon as possible. The fastest way for us to do so is to help you find the information that is already available online. Please review the questions below and click on anything similar to your question to read the answer:

  • Why does it say I have downloaded when I have not?

    If you see a message that says you have reached the daily download limit or you are already downloading and you know you are not, it could be that you are using a shared IP or a Proxy (Test your connection). A proxy server, or a shared IP, allows many computers on a network to share a single IP connection to the Internet. It is commonly used at places of employment, universities and by some Internet Service Providers. If you are connected in this way, you will need to join sendspace Premium™ to use our service.

  • How can I download?

    sendspace is the best file sharing service. To download, click on the file link on the download page. Some ask this question because they do not have the download page address and want to search on sendspace to find files and download them. We do not offer this feature.

  • Why does it say "No Download Slots Available"?

    sendspace is the best file sharing service. We serve hundreds of thousands of free downloads every day. Sometimes we are so busy you may see the notice "no Download Slots Available. Please Try Later". If you see this message, please try again later.

  • I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?

    Go to the login page as usual and click on the link below the login boxes that says "Forgot password? / Resend activation" - You will be asked to provide your email address and then your details will be sent to you.

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