Images and Link Agreement

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sendspace is pleased to provide our satisfied customers with logos and images to let others know about the services we provide.
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Images and Link Agreement

Upon your agreement to these terms and conditions, you are allowed to download logos and images specifically designed for use in linking to the website ("Link Images").

You may use the Link Images for the sole purpose of linking to, or promoting, online or in print, sendspace's Web site at You may link directly to the home page at, and to any other page on sendspace's Web site.

You agree not to use the Link Images for any other purpose.

You agree not to alter the Link Images in any way, or to combine them with any other names, marks or logos.

You agree not to use the Link Images in any manner likely to give the impression that you are affiliated with sendspace or that sendspace has sponsored or endorsed your Web site, products or services unless specific permission for this purpose has been granted.

You agree and acknowledge that this is not a trademark license by which you are using the Link Images to indicate the origin or source of any product or service you offer.

You agree and acknowledge that sendspace is the sole owner of all rights in the Link Images, and that your use of the Link Images will inure to the benefit of sendspace.

You agree not to adopt, use, register, or attempt to register anywhere in the world any logo, trademark, service mark, trade name or domain name confusingly similar to the Link Images.

You agree that you will not at any time contest or challenge sendspace's rights in the Link Images. sendspace, in its sole discretion, may terminate or modify your permission to use the Link Images at any time.

You agree that upon sendspace's termination of your permission to use the Link Images, you will immediately cease all further use of the Link Images and any other similar mark, name or logo.

Downloading any images signifies your understanding of and agreement to these terms.

Any questions relating to our Legal Agreements and Policies may be directed to sendspace using the contact form.